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Message from District 28 Council Member Adrienne Adams

Thursday, April 09, 2020 11:29 AM | Sharon Wells (Administrator)

Dear Neighbor,

During the COVID-19 pandemic, information and guidance has changed over the past few weeks. As new studies that show pre-symptomatic people may be infectious, there is new guidance advising New Yorkers to wear face coverings when outside and near people to prevent spreading COVID-19 to others. I encourage you to do so if you need to leave the house. In addition, I ask that you only call 911 if you require immediate assistance.

My team can be reached at 718-206-2068 or adams@council.nyc.gov if you need assistance. 

Committed to serve,
Council Member Adrienne Adams

Brenden Jackson – District 28 Community Liaison 

Jamal Wilkerson – Chief of Staff 

Kate Mooney – Deputy Chief of Staff & Budget Director 

Shaffina Baksh – District 28 Community Liaison 

Sheneil Riley – Scheduling Coordinator 

Stacey Yearwood – Communications & Legislative Coordinator 

Ty Hankerson – Director of Community Outreach & Events 

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